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Welcome from Smith Patrick Financial Advisors. This is our new home on the web. We have moved from a more complex web design to a hopefully much simpler creation. The goal will be to be able to deliver the usual information like «who we are» and «how to contact us» while also providing our views on current events and more timeless topics. Enjoy and keep checking back for new content.

Market Observations for December 2016 November was a very active month. The biggest movement came from the jump in interest rates. The 10-year US Treasury jumped from 1.83% to 2.37% in the month. This was a trend that had begun back in July when the 10-year dropped below 1.4%. Much of the movement however was post presidential election. The US dollar index also jumped in November, which makes imports cheaper, but is a headwind for overseas investments.

When we look at developing a financial plan or investment strategy, we are interested in determining a household’s savings and spending profile. This in turn helps us generate a cash flow profile which along with current savings is one of the major cornerstones of developing client investment strategies. We find however that client’s often need some help with determining their budgets and more importantly – how to structure a budget.