Based on the initial consultation and the establishment of a Client’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS), Smith Patrick provides Portfolio Management Services for the execution of the investment objectives within the Client’s IPS. Smith Patrick, through the use of a third-party custodian, provides discretionary Portfolio management services to execute the IPS on behalf of the Client.


Smith Patrick will make ongoing recommendations primarily involving: exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-listed stocks, and bonds. Rebalancing the Client’s accounts based on the Client’s IPS typically will occur on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Smith Patrick monitor’s Client accounts on a daily basis so that it may make any necessary transactions.


Smith Patrick will provide recurring periodic investment reports (i.e. market values, rates of return, interest and dividends, asset allocation, withdrawals and expenses, commissions, capital gains and losses). These reports will be in addition to the account statements provided by the custodian.